Gotham Lighting
CFL Downlight Gotham Architectural Lighting


We understand how important it is to deliver the right amount of illumination where you need it most. So we have designed downlights for a variety of applications, including accent, decorative, general illumination, specialty, task, wallwash and wet location. We ensure the highest quality materials and technology are used to deliver the best illumination possible.
  • Accent Lighting Applications

    Our high-quality accent lighting allows you to efficiently and effectively highlight architectural elements and artwork. We paid meticulous attention to the mechanical details while designing our accent lighting, making our products easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to maintain.
  • Wallwash Lighting Applications

    Whether you are drawing attention to architectural features or simply grazing a wall, Gotham has a variety of open and lensed wallwash products to help you achieve a smooth, continuous pattern of light across vertical surfaces. Advanced optics combine reflection and refraction technologies for superior uniformity, distributing the light with exact precision.
  • General Illumination Applications

    Whether you are lighting an office, retail, institutional or commercial space, we have a variety of high quality downlighting fixtures for applications that demand high efficiency, superior optical control and uniform general illumination.
  • Decorative Lighting Applications

    Gotham offers an exciting selection of decorative light fixtures that feature tasteful design characteristics to help you enhance any interior space. Explore our expansive line of decorative products that include a variety of aesthetic elements from color lenses to colored glass to color-changing LED.
  • Specialty Lighting Applications

    From vandal resistant to install-from-below to shallow plenum and hospital exam room light fixtures, we offer a variety of downlighting products for your special applications. Explore our portfolio of high quality downlighting products to meet your specific needs.
  • Wet Location Lighting Applications

    Our wet location light fixtures are designed to provide ingress protection against moisture such as humidity and rain, as well as rigorous cleaning required in the food service industry.