Gotham Lighting



Configurable Light Engine.   EVO® is a family platform specifically designed to allow for the integration of advances in solid-state technology.  Leveraging a modular design allows Gotham to reconfigure the mixing chamber, reflector, lenses, drivers and LEDs independently of one another, creating enormous flexibility to upgrade efficiency and efficacy.

EVO luminaires that arrive on-site will deliver precisely the performance characteristics specified (like lumen output, distribution and color temperature) using the most up-to-date, energy efficient configurations available.

Diffusing the point. Traditionally, various sources were used to execute the vision for illuminating architecture.  Different source types can render a space, an object and people differently.  Choosing the source was dependent on the design intent. LED as a source has the potential to create many, if not all, of the attributes of every traditional source.  The EVO™ family of downlights has been designed to efficiently diffuse an LED source creating the soft edge, general illumination that you would expect from a CFL, frosted A-lamp or coated HID.

Spaces lighted with EVO luminaires feature distributions that feather cleanly in a space while maintaining a pleasingly quiet ceiling.  An efficient, proprietary light engine performs in harmony with Gotham’s patented Bounding Ray optical principle, inhibiting unwanted glare.