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  • Design with Freedom – Gotham® Lighting New 2" Incito™ Family Introducing the Incito 2" family, a comprehensive group of 2" LED luminaires, downlight, wallwash, cylinder, adjustable and adjustable lensed - fully capable of handling complex, multi-layered lighting schemes. Design for every layer of light with a simple, minimalistic solution.  Read more
  • Gotham Wins with 4" Incito Incito 4” LED Downlight was recognized by NGL (Next Generation Luminaires) at Lightfair 2015 in the wall-wash/downlight category. The luminaires were selected on the basis of color, illuminance, glare control, light distribution, dimming control, serviceability, value, and appearance. Not only is the 4” LED downlight award wining, it is part of the Incito family which delivers exceptional optical performance, available in multiple beam spreads, lumen packages and color temperatures.  Read more
  • Move Forward with Gotham EVO® Gotham EVO® luminaires have been designed to evolve as solid-state technology evolves, without compromising the quality of light.  EVO continues to deliver the diffuse, soft, feathered-edge illumination you’re familiar with to a platform with enhanced options. Read more
  • Expanding Incito Flexibility Certain situations require extra flexibility where a luminaire will perform better if it can be angled or aimed. For such applications, Gotham® introduces the Incito™ 4″ adjustable luminaire, which provides full horizontal panning, tilts to any angle between 0-40º and delivers exceptional optical performance. Read more