Gotham Lighting


  • Incito 2" The Incito 2” family - a comprehensive group of 2” LED luminaires - downlight, wallwash, cylinder, adjustable and adjustable lensed - fully capable of handling complex, multi-layered lighting schemes. Design for every layer of light with a simple, minimalistic solution. . No Constraints. Limitless Flexibility. Precision & Control. read more
  • EVO®  LED:  Evo® is a system specifically designed to allow for the integration of advances in solid-state technology as they occur.  Evo lighting fixtures that arrive on-site will deliver precisely the performance characteristics specified (like lumen output, light distribution and color temperature) using the most up-to-date, energy efficient configurations available. more
  • Incito™  LED:  The design team at Gotham has created a revolutionary LED platform combining the best attributes of traditional high-lumen light sources. From this point forward, specify a single solid-state lighting fixture with configurations capable of replacing quartz, metal halide and other point source systems. more
  • Artistic Tool Guide Gotham was founded on this premise: Illuminate spaces with a minimum of interference. Make the lighting fixture virtually invisible and let the architecture speak. Gotham’s design tools provide the solutions you need and never compromise the superior quality of lighting that you expect. more
  • Accent Lighting:  Putting architecture in its best light goes beyond general illumination. Well-conceived accent lighting draws all eyes to key architectural features, sculpture, art and other elements of interest, adding visual cues and contrast, and helping to define the atmosphere of the environment. Working with Gotham's comprehensive selection of adjustable accent lighting fixtures, designers can add drama, sparkle, and excitement to a space. more
  • Cylinders:  At Gotham we understand the artful integration of light and architecture. When the physical constraints of a space demand an answer other than recessed lighting, we still know how to be soft-spoken. Gotham cylinders provide effective, functional lighting that complements the surrounding space. With our adaptable platform and our wide selection of lamp types, aperture sizes and colors, finding the perfect cylinder for any application is easy. more
  • Gotham Story:  Since its beginnings in New York City in 1938, Gotham Lighting has developed downlighting products that enhance the appearance of modern spaces. The company's focus on architectural integration, optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes have made Gotham one of the most respected names in architectural downlighting. Innovative products feature LED lighting in a variety of open and lensed downlights, directional downlights, pendant, shower, wall wash and retrofit lighting fixtures. more
  • Gotham Way:  From its beginnings at the height of the modernist movement in the late 1930s, Gotham has had a singular raison d’être: to enhance architectural spaces with the industry's most advanced designs in downlighting. more
  • High Elevations® :  Extraordinary performance and a wide range of aesthetic options make Elevations® unique among pendant downlighting products. Multiple housing sizes, light sources, lumen packages and distributions let you satisfy a diversity of needs while maintaining a strong sense of aesthetic continuity. more
  • International:  Gotham has a long and proud history of developing innovative products to address the North American marketplace, and now that capability has been extended internationally. more
  • Lightshield™  :  Vandal resistant accessory: Decorative Lightshield™ accessories protect Gotham recessed lighting fixtures from common vandalism without compromising aesthetics or optical performance. more
  • Microflange™ :  In spaces where a minimalist design is preferred, the Gotham Microflange™ trim option helps you achieve a minimal ceiling appearance, while enjoying extraordinary performance characteristic of our entire square aperture recessed lighting portfolio. Microflange is available as an option with all Gotham Squares downlights and wallwash lighting fixtures employing LED, CFL, HID and Incandescent sources. more
  • Squares:  Many architects and designers prefer square aperture recessed lighting where adjacent lighting elements, HVAC and other rectilinear shapes are prevalent on the ceiling surface and surroundings. Yet there is hesitation to use squares because of practical concerns about optical performance and installed appearance. That is why we developed Gotham® Squares: A completely new family of downlight and wallwash lighting fixtures meticulously engineered to meet high standards for efficiency and control, while ensuring precision alignment and absolute consistency of aperture appearance. more
  • Squares Expansion:  An expansion of Gotham's square downlight and wallwash lighting fixtures broadens the offering and options, allowing designers tremendous flexibility. more