Gotham Lighting

Technical Bulletins

  • Bounding Ray:  In architectural lighting design, essentially two schools of thought exist. Lighting equipment should either disappear into or explicitly complement the surrounding architecture. more
  • Directional Accent:  One of the most important features of the Gotham directional family of accent lighting luminaries is the attention to mechanical detail. Mechanically, accent luminaire must be easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to maintain. more
  • Light Shield™:  Vandal resistant accessory: Decorative Lightshield accessories protect Gotham recessed luminaires from common vandalism without compromising aesthetics or optical performance. more
  • Microflange:  In spaces where a minimalist design is preferred, the Gotham Microflange™ trim option helps you achieve a minimal ceiling appearance, while enjoying extraordinary performance characteristic of our entire square aperture recessed lighting portfolio. Microflange is available as an option with all Gotham Squares downlight and wallwash luminaires employing LED, CFL, HID and Incandescent sources. more
  • Reflector Manufacturing:  Perhaps the most critical component of a high-quality downlighting system is the reflector. The goal of this report is to educate lighting professionals on how to evaluate reflector quality. more
  • Stem & Canopy Installation Instructions: For further instruction regarding installation of stem and canopy kits for Gotham EVO and Incito Cylinders. more
  • Economic Analysis for Comparable Illumination:  T4/T6 Ceramic Metal Halide Downlighting (2400 ft2 retail hour. 24 hour operation. more
  • Tech-110:  Lithonia Reloc compatibility chart. read more
  • Tech-140:  L/ELR Factory installed battery packs for Compact fluorescent and LED Emergency Lighting Systems. more
  • Tech-180:  Decorative elements and mounting configurations for the 8-inch Elevations Performance Downlight Pendant. more
  • Tech-181:  Decorative elements and mounting configurations for the 4-inch Elevations Performance Downlight Pendant (with decorative glass shades or Bounding Ray reflector). more
  • Tech-190:  Sloped Ceiling Adapter is an effective and attractive interface between sloped ceilings and Gotham recessed luminaires. more
  • Tech-230: 

    Round and square ceiling opening adapters, "goof rings." more
  • Tech-240: 

    Dimmer compatibility for Gotham LED Luminaries. more
  • Tech-250:  Driver and ballast compatibility for Gotham Luminaries. more