Meet Gotham®
Our Purpose
To empower everyone to have a better experience
Our Mission
To champion quality lighting & better experiences for all.
Our Vision
A world where our higher standard of light continually raise the bar.

Our Focus

Reliable, communicative, and an easy-to-work-with partner so you can deliver as promised.

When you choose Gotham, you gain an experienced lighting partner that is acutely focused on quality and reliability. We go above and beyond expectations while making sure you deliver on time and budget.


Bring your vision to life with high-quality products in a wide range of options.

We understand the importance of lighting when it comes to designing a space, and that’s why we make it a priority to ensure we have precisely the right offering to meet your design specifications. With Gotham, you work with the only lighting partner you need, with all the options you crave, the seamless support you deserve, and, ultimately, a quality experience you can put your name behind.


Well-designed environments that create better experiences, thanks to better lighting.

Gotham makes lighting so good it changes the way you’ll experience your space. We believe the best kind of downlighting isn’t one you notice; rather, it’s one you feel. Gotham lets you set the mood and then disappears into the environment, paving the way for you to experience your space and create memories you’ll never forget.


Our Products