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    Technical Bulletins

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Stem and Canopy Installation Instructions

    Detailed instructions are provided for installation of stem and canopy kits for Gotham Evo® and Incito™ cylinders.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-110

    Our RELOC® Wiring Solutions compatibility chart makes it easy to identify RELOC compatible systems for Gotham luminaires.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-140

    Get the details on EL/ELR factory-installed battery packs for compact fluorescent and LED emergency lighting systems.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-180

    Discover the different decorative elements and mounting configurations available for the 8-inch Elevations® performance downlight pendant.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-181

    Explore the various decorative elements and mounting configurations available for the 4-inch Elevations® performance downlight pendant.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-190

    The Sloped Ceiling Adapter (SCA) is an effective and attractive interface between sloped ceilings and Gotham recessed luminaires.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-230

    Ceiling opening adapters, or "goof rings," are available for round and square Gotham downlights.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-240

    Our dimmer chart is a helpful reference for determining dimmer compatibility for Gotham LED luminaires.

    Resources-technical-bulletins-icon Tech-250

    Our driver/ballast compatibility chart makes it easy to identify appropriate ballasts and drivers for Gotham luminaires.


    Resources-tools-architectural-colors-icon Architectural Colors

    Our selection of colors and textures is unequaled. In addition, our flexibility allows us to develop special-order paints to match your precise color requirements.

    Resources-tools-bim-downloads-icon BIM Downloads

    Architecture, design, engineering and construction professionals can find a set of 3D models of Acuity Brands most popular luminaires. These models will allow designers to seamlessly integrate lighting into project, saving both time and money, as they eliminate the guesswork about how the lighting look and interact in the built environment.

    Resources-tools-visual-lighting-software-icon Visual Lighting Software

    Visual Professional Edition is a comprehensive lighting analysis tool designed for demanding interior and exterior applications. The Professional Edition combines an advanced 3-D interface with the latest advances in radiosity theory to provide efficient and highly accurate analysis of complex architectural spaces.