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Cylinder Visualizer

Change it. Spin it. Make it Yours.

Discover the various mounting options, reflector finishes, trim selection, and architectural colors that our Gotham 2” Tilt and Rotate has to offer.

2” Tilt and Rotate Cylinders


How It Works

  1. Start by choosing the cylinder series you want to explore from the first drop down menu
  2. Use the additional drop down menus to choose between the different mounting options, architectural colors, and reflector colors and finishes
  3. Once your options are selected, click and hold the animation to move your cylinder     
  4. For the tilt and rotate cylinder series, click "Tilt Up" or "Tilt Down” to view the animation
  5. To view the entire color and finish offerings, click "Architectural Colors" and "Reflector Finishes"

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