Cylinder Downlights. Engineered to Empower.

Gotham’s extensive selection of cylinder downlights are not only inspiring, they are creatively empowering. For wherever you specify cylinder downlights, Gotham offers a formidable array of mounting types, sizes, colors, and environment compatibilities.

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Cylinder Downlight Offering

EVO® Distribution

Our diverse portfolio for EVO® cylinders offers you the general illumination needed in your space. The batwing distribution with feathered edges provides even illumination on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Incito™ Distribution

Incito™ luminaires produce sharp contrast with crisp highlights and deep shadows. Our high center-beam distributions creates the perfect solution for task, directional, and accent lighting.

Featured Cylinder Downlights

EVO® and Incito™ 2″ Tilt and Rotate Cylinders

Cover every angle with our 2" tilt and rotate cylinders and articulate a single visual idea across multiple applications. More mounting options mean greater control over where you want light to go.

Incito™ 4″ Direct-Indirect Wall Mount Cylinder

Get vertical, light vertical with individually controlled direct or indirect light that can be independently specified for lumen output, beam spreads and accessories, allowing for a complete custom design with the Incito 4″ direct-indirect wall mount cylinder.
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Design with Gotham Cylinders

Customize your cylinder lighting with specific combinations of the latest trending colors and mounting options, then choose your optics so the light complements the aesthetics of the space. Make our cylinders a product of your imagination.

Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders

High Lumen Cylinders

Higher lumen packages now include 10,000 and 12,000 lumens for applications with 50+ ft ceilings


Available in pendant (stem/cord) and surface mount cylinders that matches seamlessly with the rest of the cylinder family


Even with extraordinary power of higher lumens, we never compromise on visual comfort


Mounting Options

Aperture Sizes

Architectural Colors

Options and Controls


Optional Wet Location and IP66 ratings are available on select 2”, 4” and 6” pendant, surface and wall mount cylinders


Stabilization kits prevent your 4” and 6” pendant stem cylinders from rocking in high winds


nLight wired and wireless controls available with 2”, 4” and 6” pendant, surface and wall mount cylinders

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