The Gotham Story

Gotham® was founded in 1938 in New York City by Harry Gerstel, a devotee of well-known architect and lighting pioneer Richard Kelly. Harry Gerstel was driven by the convergence of two significant trends of the day. One was the advancing technology of electric lamps, which were quickly replacing gas lamps. The other was the growing international influence of modernist architects, whose preference for minimalist interiors called for light sources that were hidden from view.

From the beginning, the company's focus on architectural integration, optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes resulted in Gotham® quickly becoming one of the most respected names in architectural lighting. The firm's working relationship with Richard Kelly's office established an extraordinarily high standard in downlighting that became the Gotham® trademark and has served as its heritage ever since.


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The Gotham® minimalistic, high-performing and code-compliant product offering is suited for just about any industry, including commercial offices, healthcare, education, hospitality, education and retail applications


At Gotham® we are proud to be a leader in developing and delivering innovative, impactful lighting solutions. Learn about our vision of Humanistic Lighting.


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What We Offer


The EVO® downlights’ soft-edge distributions provide optimal uniformity in general illumination. Exceptional optics enable EVO® beam angles to blend smoothly out to (and beyond) the field angle. It’s what gives EVO® luminaires their characteristic “precision softness." The EVO® family is tailored for general illumination and is particularly well suited for ambient and wallwash applications, where general illumination is required to blend in softly with adjacent lighting. The full line also includes special application luminaires, like Mainstream Dynamic RGB and MRI healthcare solutions, as well as a range of decorative trims.


The Incito family’s high center-beam, narrow field-angle distributions can create the highest-contrast lighting effects or efficiently project light from high mounting heights. By pulling the energy of the field angle into the beam angle, Gotham® Incito luminaires are able to emit dramatic illumination that is punchy, with sharp contrast, crisp highlights and deep shadows. Perfect for a myriad of lighting applications — such as task, directional or accent — Incito luminaires mesh indistinguishably with EVO® luminaires via coordinated apertures. These elements render an impressively quiet ceiling.


The Gotham® MYO contemporary recessed multiples have unprecedented scale, performance and configurability and also enable up to three layers of light from one luminaire. The MYO family of baffled, multi-source luminaires collectively achieve up to 4500 lumens at less than 1.5” width. MYO luminaires offer any combination of general illumination, accent and wall-washing — all in one minimalistic form. Each lighting position features individually controlled, field-configurable distributions and rotates and tilts for maximum multifunctionality. Enhance a painting with a narrow beam, brighten a reception desk with a downlight, and draw the gaze upward with a pendant.

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