One Luminaire, Multiple Layers of Light

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Discover the brilliance of Gotham MYO luminaires – up to three layers of light compacted in one form factor with unexpected scale, performance and configurability.

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Ultimate Configurability and Performance

Gotham MYO Animated
No Dead Spots in Aiming
With no compromise on tilt and rotation, MYO can tilt 40º and rotate 365º without interference.

Beam Angles
Choose from 15º to 45º beam angles in 5º increments or four elliptical options.

Delivered Lumens
Luminaire delivers 500 to 4500 lumens in a single, minimalistic form.

Each head can be controlled individually or together for the ultimate in precision scene creation.

Form Factors

1-, 2- or 3-Head Luminaires
MYO Form Factors - 1, 2 or 3-Head Luminaires graphic

Multiple Trim Options

Slot, Bevel and Bevel Flangeless, Available in Black or White
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Slot - Black

Black Finish
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Slot - White

White Finish
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Trim Style - Slot

Trim Style
Slot (SLT)
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Trim Style - Bevel

Trim Style
Bevel (BLV)
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Flange Style - Bevel Flangeless

Flange Style
Bevel - Flangeless (FL)
Gotham MYO Trim Option - Lensing - Bevel Texture Diffusing Lens

Bevel - Textured Diffusing Lens (TDL)

Beautiful Baffle Colors

11 Colors Choices – 7 Solid and 4 Metallic
Solid Finish Baffle Colors
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Black (BBL)
White (BWH)
Moon Dust (BMD)
Shale Grey (BSG)
Weathered Sandstone (BWS)
Azurite (BAZ)
Razed Ruby (BRR)
Metallic Baffle Colors
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Aztec Copper (BAC)
Mercury Pool (BMP)
Iron Ore (BIO)
Atlantic Pearl (BAP)

Accessories for Customized Control

Hex Louver, Snoot, Wall Wash and an Aperture Lens
Hex Louver
3-Head Cylinder with Bevel Trim

Patented Bounding Ray Optics

Gotham MYO with patented Bounding Ray™ baffle
3-Head with Slot Trim
The patented Bounding Ray™ baffle minimizes any flashback at high aiming angles, provides perfect balance and gives each light source superior shielding with no compromise on performance.
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Gotham MYO in Every Space

Lecture Halls      Retail Spaces      Restaurants      Ballrooms      Hotels      Commercial Offices

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Gotham MYO Multifunctional Lighting Systems