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EVO® 6" Round Surface Mount Cylinder with Care222® Technology

General Illumination LED Cylinder with UV Disinfection* Technology

By Gotham Lighting

    UV SpectrumBuy America(n)
  • Overview
  • Specifications
EVO® batwing distribution provides a uniform, wide angled general illumination on horizontal and vertical surfaces to create smooth edges and an even layer of light without hot spots or rings.
  • Functions: Open downlight
  • Beam angles: Medium wide
  • Trim options: Cone
Our high-performing downlights provide the quality of light needed to create multiple layers of light within a space.
  • Bounding Ray™ technology eliminates flash for superior glare control
  • Lumens: 500-2,000 LM
  • Listings: UL, Damp Location, Buy American
  • Driver capabilities: Up to 7 different driver options
  • Controls: nLight® wired and wireless lighting controls
For wherever you specify downlights, we offer an ample array of installation options, trims, sizes, and colors allowing for a complete custom design.
  • EVO® Hybrid Solution: Visible light and the Care222® technology in the same fixture without compromising visually comfortable lighting
  • EVO® UV-Only Solution: Incorporates the Care222® technology without visible light
  • EVO® Visible Light-Only Solution: emits visible light (with no Care222® technology incorporated) and is intended to create visual consistency with the other two solutions in a space
  • Reflector finishes: Semi-specular, matte diffuse, specular
  • Colors: 20 standard colors and full breath of RAL custom colors

  • *All references to “disinfection” are referring generally to bioburden reduction and are not intended to refer to any specific definition of the term as may be used for other purposes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Bioburden reduction of is a function of fixture run time and the distance to the UV light source, airflow, room size, shadow areas and/or other factors, and the level of reduction will vary within a specific space. This fixture is not intended for use in the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease and is not certified or approved for use as a medical device by the FDA. It is the obligation of the end-user to consult with appropriately qualified Professional Engineer(s), a Certified Infection Control professional and a Certified Industrial Hygienist, as applicable, to determine whether this fixture meets the applicable requirements for system performance, code compliance, safety (including safety and hazard alerting signs), suitability and effectiveness for use in a particular application design. In no event will Acuity Brands Lighting be responsible for any loss resulting from any use of this fixture in an application design.
    **Refer to product specification sheets at for efficacy claims and claim substantiation regarding specific products and pathogens.

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Aperture Size 6 IN
Shape Round
Light Source LED - Static, UV
UV Spectrum 222nm
Lumens 2000 LM
CCT / LED Color 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K
CRI 80
Product Type Cylinder
Compliance Listing BAA
Environmental Listing Damp Location
Regulatory Listing UL
Dimming Protocol 0-10V, DALI, Forward Phase
Fixture Wattage 14.7, 20.8, 5.1, 9.86
Voltage Rating 120, 120-277, 277
Trim Style Cone, Open
Color Almond, Black, Blue, Bronze, Clear, Gray, Green, Ivory, Red, Silver, White
Mounting Type Surface
Special Applications Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Offices & Banks, Patient Room, Retail
Function Downlight
Product Series EVO
Series EVO6SC

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Product Family

Gotham Lighting

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