Transforming the Way You Experience Downlighting

We are creating a groundbreaking product line that eliminates the need for compromising on everything you need in a downlight. Our innovative solution ensures you never have to settle for anything less than the lighting quality you deserve. Our IVO™ platform will excel at helping you create better experiences within your space and offer you the solutions of a complete family offering with unrivaled adaptability in the field, flexibility on lead times and service, and a seamless installation process that will set a new industry standard.
Introducing the first IVO™ product.

IVO Shallow Recessed Downlight

The next generation of downlighting starts with the shallowest recessed downlight that fits in any space as shallow as 2-inches, while pushing the boundaries that goes beyond fitting into tight ceiling spaces.
Experience a shallow recessed downlight like no other.

Empowering Better Lighting

Introducing our new perfect color consistency which will lead the industry with a 0.5-step MacAdam ellipse, compared to a 3-step MacAdam ellipse in other typical specification downlights. Proprietary optics coupled with an advanced light engine and Bounding Ray™ optical design delivers a trued uniformed, batwing distribution for smooth illumination and a comfortable experience for occupants in the space.

Keeping a Low Profile With Ease of Installation

Designed to fit into ceiling plenums as shallow as 2" in the 4-inch aperture, and 3.5" in the 6-inch aperture, perfect for any application. Even in tight spaces, installation is effortless from below the ceiling with LED quick connects and patented constant tension.

Experience Unlimited Adaptability

Interchangeable trims and optics are designed for field-serviceability from below the ceiling with our twist and lock mechanism that enables adaptability on the job and accommodates design changes. Choose between remodel and new construction (IC and Non-IC), installation in a 4" or 6" aperture, both available in round or square, open cone or lensed wall wash, and flange or flangeless – all available in a variety of finishes and trim colors.

Key Features

Sizable Performance
Delivering up to 3,000 lumens from a 4-inch aperture and up to 5,000 lumens from a 6-inch aperture. Delivering up to 120 LPW.
Sustainable Lighting
Designed with 17% less steel, 44% less aluminum, and 28% less plastic.

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